song by Joey Green
Heaven lyrics

Sound like it's time to roll credits for them
Miss embrario since stone, no need to make edits for them
My thinking is might think it's might brighter at its in formula
Formula one how I take corners, killing shit, call the coroner
I'm a decent native with that 2 doors a foreigner
The simple chef and he eating main y'all can't even order up
Give me a name for who's nicer and I give you time to sober up
Funny you think she down but just know we know what's up and
Niggas got the same flows at least we know what's what
I'm in the cut but my writings throw salt in in open cuts
No concerns on the side on simply notice bra
I'm cool and sitting low, 'cause mister freeze is throw some frozen shit
But Bruce Wayne in the night time
I ain't got no ride or dies
I avoid anyone that's just along for the ride
And they try to talk on the side we skin foxes
But we see the snakes
Join hands and pray they burn in hell for heaven's sake

One time for heaven's sake
Your Reebooks don't gas pedals, pump brakes
You jump shift and I pray who's front faced
I know whose dive that's that only leads to one place
I'm meado 'cause the cool flow on earth
My soul from heaven that's gold for all that is worth
The doctor told my mother that she couldn't give birth
Then a boy came along I been a miracle since birth
But back to these verses, worse, might just uber rehearse
For those that been dead to me, you only get what you deserve
And I'm with some aces and I don't even serve, boy
Did a modest crack and I don't even serve, boy
Five gears but I down shifted to 30
Just did 1 10 on that bridge and the coppers got no word
Word if it's on defense, I swung like I was worth
That's the night I'm a king in code
That's over hands move beneath the dirt
If it's for the same fly keep them beetle burst
Got cousins and brothers from other mothers
My nigga family first
I wander lost and still find my direction
No discrepancies, fuck the sleepers, no discretion
She count calories and I count blessings
That is so divine that make the skies devils find the exit
I got locks on now it's only right they dreaded
If it don't give or bring life it wasn't from the heavens, nah
It wasn't sent from the heavens, put up with fuck shit every day
I'm the furthest thing from selfish
Popping they balloons case the ego start to air up
Haters know I'm cold as ice while temper start to flare up
I'm in a different lane tall this is enhanced, gear up
I'm up in my own lane with no brakes
Steer clear 'cause