song by Joey Green
Fatal feat. Fritz lyrics

Optimism is my religion, I keep it positive
Never negative, never sleeping, I skip the sedative
Bs stay my blood, but that's more than a relative
I'm heat seeking to be seeking
For me to murder tracks
Only split for the love like I ain't never heard of racks
Fuck tbt, I'm fin to bring you back to the days
When it was called hip hop and not trap
Since I got back these niggas couldn't get it right
Since these niggas stealing flows I let them share a bite
My blunt bigger than a terabyte
I'm higher than a pair of kites
I'm switching lanes with impaired sights
I'm linching but I'm not white
Nigga this is b smoke but fuck the 12 men
I put the steaks up on the shelf man
That's well done, no fuck that, I want fatalities
Fuck police brutality, this is define gravity

Absorbent swotes where they found him
Fuck a squares white chalk when I wrap circles around them
That forside money got me sleep I can't find you accountant
Picking a litter pick 6 your bitch chosen you ain't around
Scream that when I rode away caught a fever
I sound sick of wild, wild ??? you try to hound a nigga
I'm tryina not to free fall after seeing ashes bury
As far as y'all, y'all close to finish, no far from worry
When it's snow falls, it's far from a flurry
That's cold as beneath the 30, the 33 from cury
Pun fake pull up swish from behind the line
Damn I want matters life what's sinning on your mind
Look that boy ahead of his time it's only right
That any time this time of shit is quiet
By the barnage joke is hiding, damn it's frightening
I'm feeling like I got it, I ain't need a slice in
No, no slice in, too many flows fuck I'm indecisive
Fine with the pen but not forging autographs
I'm switching x's and o's like painting with no quarterback
And we're never going and I just order caskets
No pressure, no blowing gaskets
They claim they boss and they come up short at the brasket
The thought of you thinking you had this
Is way more fucking funny ??? subtracting