song by Joe Banfi
Nomads lyrics

Please don't let those,
Please don't let those
Bones to fly!!

You are like no other
for my own as we wonder
You live like no other,
Tease my sight
Dear brother

We must bear this winter
Won't survive alone
My blindness is their burden,
And they want to cut me loose
You cannot dare to tell me
You just hold me in your arms
They whispered as they left me
Thought I was asleep
But they thought I was sleep

I became the weather
Called down on relenting
I refine for sentences strong and stark
Always searching for you!

I found after sunrise
They won't try to find
Their bodies lay beneath me
And still I wasn't done
I know why you left me
Brother, I would do the same
And we whisper as you sleep
Brother we living into sleep