song by Jimmy Johnson
Trip to the 6 lyrics

She never seen the six size
She's been alone in the world
Been alone to the world
She ain't never took a trip to the 6
She ain't never met a nigga like this
'Cause if it's money to be made, I'ma make that flip
That's why she be hiddin' on the plane if she'd take that trip
She wanna see the six size,
'Cause they ain't even make 'em like this anymore
In case you're on a hope using an ??? shop
Got a lot of money but I'm tryina make more
Sure want the six, but this ain't no tour
Ask no questions, Jordie and Lordie you might see more
Call me back in 'cause I might be rough
Jimmy and the digital, niggas and original, crazy individual
Crazy is what crazy do
and I'm a ?? pack maniac
Nigga where you'd be at?
Low gem 'cause you ???
Bring the 80s back
Like what? Niggas what ?
The way I fit in the street, keep the heat in it
Till the niggas ain't seeing it
I'ma keep you in here nigga