song by JILL
All your words lyrics

Questions in disguise

Your eyes

Ask all your words can't say
Your mouth won't let escape
Your hands reach out to find
You're out of time

You're out of line

Too young to die

With all the questions in disguise
Secrets in the lies
 I'll try

To make it my own way

To blindly duel with fate

Find meaning in the signs

I'm out of time

No peace of mind

An endless high

Seals all the secrets in the lies
I told you, you could see
You knew that you were free
We proved your morals empty
And showed you there's no way to be
We on that 34th and 7th
Commercial beings heaven
A million lost souls tryna find themselves in excess
Head up in the billboards
Captured by the message
Pushing you to be you in every product they're selling
Breath deep friend
There's more to life than the gimmicks
Don't sell yourself to corporate dreams that use you for their image.
The only one who's stopping you is you
The only one who's moving you is you
The only one who's there for you is you
The only one to make it true is you
Questions in our minds
Our lives

Wash over like the sea 
The days show no relief
What moments we control
We search our souls
To find our roles

Too old to go

Through all the years with no control