song by Jeremiah Jae
Shadow Empire ft. Tre lyrics

I'm from the same streets with the same heat
With the same rappers spitting on the same beats
These are the same corners, come and share with the last poets
I guess we the first poets with a different sound
Space bound and sqooshed in the back of greyhounds
I stay lyrical lounge and bring the rockets and battles times
Witting rappers in the ???
The Sionists don't even know what to call us
But like the black eyed peas we just fall up
We never falling down, designated drivers
Got the keys to the sound
Unlock your mind, start with the chakra crown
Start with the chakra crown

The hills really do have eyes
Young star in the sky shines bright on a rainy night
Tales from the dark side, werewolves and shark bites
On the innocent, living the side of hell
Been torn still, been still a fields, you still been
Check me in the still of the night
We still here, you say one thing you end up in a wheelchair
I know I can, guess your shit cancelled
Skeletons in my closet, I'm sorry mama
Carter Marshall get me sent away like partial
Where the ghosts of the past come to haunt you
I know I've seen them in the shadows
I know I've seen them in the shadows
I know I've seen them in the shadows