song by Jeremiah Jae
Fallen Saints lyrics

Funny how you hold up so far
Fascinated by purple clouds, embedded in his papa mouth
Together some trouble, bubble and high
My high spots will go south
See the gade community, we killers and scholars sleep
Call me in no master brown, you dealing with magic now
Those feelings are blackened now, it's burnt deep in the cotton couch
And cheap leather, wishing it could be better
Or you had a cheerleader to ven, and keep staring
We narring the outer, but be fairer
Catch the god, like he says to fight now
He must comply to the red god, number 5, blood of Christ
??? as much as he tried, it's like he couldn't see no rees peace
Times in the apparel light will never see the brighter lights
Then the ghost in the middle of the night
Spark the pain and it's mob tissue
Disconnected at the bird to find his own lane
Mentally it's cold cane, came across to gold chain

Cool, just keep your feet covered in the mansion
Had to puff a plan, but told his mother nature
Did, did him a favor, yeah
Life on the soul in the different flavors
You might hate your neighbor
You might want to take the paper
And chase the prey
But maybe angel stay and keep watch on the FALLEN SAINTS