song by Jeremiah Jae
Cat Fight lyrics

She's willie man.

Baby, working all day
She don't even sleep.
Check her out to eat, but ain't even eat
Shawty, sure bad
What's your work with the feed?
Feet like a head, she just moved to the beat.
Beat til we dare, on the beat rest in peace
Black Jonas club when we start rolled in.
Even if it's like two or three
Crooking police, tryna slow down the beat,
Don't know I'm still alive since the beat.
Her heart beat like she running from the beez,
C.T. rocks like the rock n roll speed
She flys cheef's nigger in the IE
Sunny height, shawty I ain' f-cking me.
It's hot ... nigger call it like a C
Started in the rag, only socks moves sheens.
It's now bitches say This is interesting.
Investing, on the beat
Spit crack floors.
Pack floor, moved on the to room few
Party til we get resurrected the funeral
Black tie fair, you act wild
I don't care.
Says she take a picture while the underdog care.
This is dead in a funny skully shares,
Tell my enemies the empire visit til you through
This is miser room.

Cat fight, Mike bite
Take better care, you hear Ros Jack.
She might scratch, black out.

(I'ma take you out, I'ma take you out)