song by Jeremiah Jae
Almost lyrics

White rose in the castle, she wanna battle
Learn your lesson, I beat heap aggressive
Grab your cheerleader, I'm sitting in the high chair
Like Caesar, swipe the VISA, I'm thinking greener
Like sun panels, you can handle the sun
Like Caprice Adams, I'M IN THE SADDLE
Tryina re-saddle, my fleet is at deep end
It's real on the street, see the G bandage?
My collect card collect, bars hard, buy it then
SHOW RESPECT to the gods and catch swollen necks
Monsters high, jungle hard since we make a mark
I'm like a monster, squadded up, living large
But still not fat, dreams feel like Freddie
NIGHTMARES out in the dark but no feddie
That's a no blow, gotta get me dope, man
In politic we should be throwing up
I'm like so what, WE GO NUTS
Post it up in the reaper tux
CUT THE LOSS, get your lungs touched
Beside me couple reefer bombs, in the beaker jar
Too close to the god, catch cardiac
Running this shit, NEVER COMING BACK
Gotta go