Jered Sanders - Mitchell & Blessed

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I was focused on Jordan numbers
Was thinking opposite, how to win this
Coldest summers
Gambling at life, checking that over unders
Storms, okay the sam, but I ain't know the thunder
Get it? If you ain't catch it, let me fetch it for you
Keep it cooking like it's western on you
If you never pop, it's a lesson all, blessing all, message for you
No verified, nobody checking for you
Yeah, pink game is round arousing with the arm bar
That's what I'm all pa
You found direction like an one star
Took away the pain like selam paw
That was the garber
Keep it going, got the cardio up, that's what the stair's for
They never blow dry, that's what the air is for
You ain't condition to die, that's what the chair's for
Ain't no point shaving hair, that's what I'm there for
Blow dry, die, shaving hair, that's what I'm there
If you ain't catch it then prepare more
Read between the lines, get the stairs bo
Illie with the snares bo, 50 with the chance bo
Ricky with the flare, bo
Lifting, I'm higher what the bonds for
Young is reaching for the iron like a paw for
A verbal acrobatics for the palm core
Skip into the stars born shipping like it's dawn for
Yeah, but it's a god premonition, and it's a hail mary past y'all interfering
No, I'm dark skinned with the charm in the clearance
Lab coat on, did a sick job engineering on
And god hit me said he need me to cook strong
Tell them wrecking for minds, rewind
Had a message I was cooking up, sorry it took long
Nice and cold cut like a fright out a foot long
Scrapped a couple writings cause I know I'm up against
Label on is with the grip, baking soda with the whip
D boys, got the burner motive roller with the flip
I'm cooking up the yola for the rover with the temps
The club poppers and hipsters tryina get a glimpse
The high beast clicking, only focused on the simps
The click ass and boom bap heads, strolls and taste makers
Everybody praying to hip hop in
The flying try and be down like a plane crash
And they be stunting on the guard like he dane dash
Bam, copy and paste how the steas get cropped
Screen savers, popping up when the keys ain't pushed
It's how the waynes get took, the addicaine on the band members
And confusing all the body like a transgender
And confessing on the felons and the grand pictures
Till they in that crossfire like a clan member
Quoting they know the number, runners and they prolly get to busting
If they spot him undercover
They all trap gods and lying to the people
And do it for the stripes like they running for the bingles
Pray for 'em lord, 'cause I remember when my cellie was a boost phone
Eyes posted at grandma's crib like a groupama
Radio be steady crap shooting, we in Vinnie pop
Now it's corny when the blacks do it? That's stupid
Man prolly be locked in the cell hungry
Praying to be forgiven and begging for bail money
If I ain't put the heat in the r, the piece that I needed to start the bleeding
Release the king humbly on
That's why I'm giving the game the rock sellers
'Cause arbor is a lame for dames that drop fellas
A lot of MC's with blangers, not fellas
And they don't play the game of fame and not tell them
They not flipping the cane like a kappa thang
No white girl, tryina white her with torch
A lot of backpack rappers cause of fame fall victim to the game early
That's why they call it a gen sport

Hey yo, they've must heard about the bread and the relishist
Hard to eat good with the dread of a relevance
Harder to keep clean with a plat full of fetishes
Green saying kinder than letuces
That's when I went on a high aidus
To cover the tracks, discover the facts, it's rubbish in rap
'Cause I hustling back, for my wager back to hi hater
Eyes praying my return won't greed it with high angle
Or a try later in fact, skyscraper ???
Fly favor, the track will violate you
It lead the track teffing the back
The favor and cosign to my savior
That's why I never shook a rider in the street
Kicking it with the riders with the diamonds in they teeth
'Cause they ain't got a weapon for my soul
I'm on the winning side ‘cause I'm riding with the chief, yeah
That's why I'm on a shame to keep them near
The object is closer than it appears
And most people grinding to keep it seen
But me I'm steady grinding to disappear, amen