Jeff Chery - Jetset vagabond

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Welcome to that Jetset Vagabond shit
Crush life, might take your bitch, nigga!
Man, you got the luxury to fly over the world
See some things I can change em, man
I ain't bragging!
It's called Jef life!

Jet set I'm feeling knocked ???
Slick talking, I might ???
Wide lens from this wide angle
Look! Through the LA, back to New York
Then to Thailand feeling pump, pump,Mr??
(I count my blessings)
That's my only confession!
So right from this left field
That's no sense of attraction!
Side bitch just set me up early on with a text!
Just telling me she loves me, she wishes we never met
Oh yeah she upset, early morning (Mr. Lanzo)
I'm in my bed, wify next to me, trying to peek in on this convo
The power in my pipe game, she makes me nervous!
I laid a pipe with this ?? hatchet, these drugs ain't working
As a cono for you fuck talks, you can't be called my street codes!
Mr. Lanzo is running back, bring it back, that's a ??
But I beat the game and no chico
If we ain't family, no amigos!
I keep the shit so A1, 100, better say no!
Welcome to this plus life, so fly Jetset??
Hip hop by the color more, right around the neck, that's a motto
Old ma', meet the vagabond, right frame, that's an avatar
Same young and who bought the youth
That cocaine and caviar
I run this game, you could tell??
Knock it out like a good punch to a frail face!
I eat bitches like good lunch
You low niggas is broke out shit!

It's just me, Jetset Vagabond
It don't get better, hey.