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To live, white listen promises
A kiss for luck and we're on our way
Before the rising sun

I remember not too long ago we touched
Then remember not too long ago we fucked
You was getting so high Wiz Khalifa
Haven't seen you in a couple weeks I'm stuck
I just need to feel your energy now
Wondering if you still into me, nah
Okay, it's been too long, and girl you've been too gone
And I miss when we fucked
Tell me how much do you need from me?
I'll give you everything, not a piece of me
I'll buy you every ring out of Tiffany's
As long as you'll throw it back you won't hear shit from me
I'm just being honest
You probably scared and your heart is scarred
I saw your best friend at the after party
And I asked where you at though
She told me that you just left through the backdoor
What you sneaking out the back for
In a rush ran past the bar now I'm outside
I saw you get into a car who's that guy
Is that the nigga that's keeping you away from me?
I was wishing you away from me, yeah
I was hoping you would stay with me tonight
'Cause I was having fantasies about when we fucked
Wow, I wish I knew you changed your mind
Damn I hate wasting time
And even though now it ain't mine
I miss when we fucked, yeah
I miss, I miss, I miss, I miss you girl
I miss, I miss, I miss, I miss you girl
I know you do, you do, you do too
You thinking, thinking bout the same thing
Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah

We fly, so many wound do to you
We start out walking into it.