song by Jay Prince
I'm Good lyrics

The crowd live with it
Late night, it's gonna sleep
Tryina ride with it
You be getting violent
Then you're fine with it
Not on my radar, stay hard, stay vigilant
Whether you don't give a shit
Same thing ever since
Young kid killing it
Young prince Sean getting up in this bitch
Wake up then, says really stay against
I ain't even done yet
This just the beginning
I ain't even finished
Young kid from the village of the chosen ones
Only really chilling with my closest ones
Who are never winning but your show's done
Who's up next, that's us, young kid from the east side
Of that London, come in abundance
Run fast when you see the blue lights
Man I sit you but I run fast when you see the blue lights
Roll shit, ain't pretty on our side
Maybe on our days, the sunshines
Got a thinking little puzzle, if it's alright
His whole life what, when I come through
But it's all good, I'm here to make change
I'm here to make way
And pave ways for people like me
And people like you
I learned to carry out my shoulders
But that's cool, listening to my dude
Even my mind, 'cause the grass way greener on this side
The grass way greener on this side
So you know what it's like
When you wake living the high life
These niggas is living the high life
My highlight ain't, that's still take that
Like off daddy dunking dreams to make it big
Dreams can make it happen
Believe I'm here for good
On my long run, it's not
Tell me what's realer than that

And we take it high
Ain't nothing different, man
It's just another night
2 shots to head board nigga
2 shots to the headline nigga
How you doing, I'm good
How you feeling, I'm good
How you doing, I'm good
How you feeling, I'm good