song by Jake Miller
First Row lyrics

Look, I used to sit up in the nosebleeds
But now I'm sitting court side
Next to my dad while he is sipping on his coorse light
I'm on a big screen, mama look at me now
Sitting so close I can practically get the rebound
But believe me, it wasn't always like this
I should probably wait until after the game to write this
If you see me on the TV, looking down at my phone
I apologize, just know that I was writing this song
Let me take you back, back to 2009
Before the glits and glamour, back when I was on my grind
Now I go to see the heat play
But every single time I had a vision on a mission
Only one thing on my mind
Let me remind you, I had no fan page, no bus
Just another normal kid, nobody knew who I was
But the thought of being average made me lose sleep
So I was sit up in my bed strategizing what you can achieve
I had this plan, kinda crazy I'll admit it
But Lil Wayne was at the games, I always knew where he was sitting
And back then he was my hero, knew every single song
Every album, every mixtape, every feature he was on
So I figured if I could get my mixtape in his hands
Maybe he would listen to it, maybe he'd give me a chance
So I burned a bunch of CD's, made them look legit
I packaged them up looking all professional and shit
It was my best work, seven of my best tracks,
I wrote my name and number on the back
And I would stuff it in my jeans, pants sagging on my knees
I felt like my future was depending on these demo CD's
And I would sneak them past security, they never caught me
Running through the metal detector like you'll never stop me
While everybody watched the game, I never saw a shot
I was staring at Wayne, formulating my plot up in the nosebleeds
Waiting for that half time buzzer to go off
So I could blend in and get lost in the commotion
Like just another fish in the ocean
This is my only chance, this is my moment, man I swear to god
This is it, I feel like destiny is calling me
Walking down the stairs like excuse me, pardon me
All covered in sweat, million thoughts up in my head
Getting closer to my dreams with every single step
And there he was, Lil' Wayne standing 10 feet in front of me
The reason I fell in love with rap, 10 feet in front of me
But as I walked up to him with a mixtape in my hand
I was stopped by his security
And now the only thing standing between me and my dreams
Was that 6” 7 man, I said I've got to give something to Lil' Wayne
I been waiting all my life for this
I swear you don't even understand and then he cut me off
He took my CD, handed it to Wayne, he looked over at me I smiled at him and wait
It was the best day of my life
Every now and then I wonder what he did with my cd that night
Maybe he listened to it on his way home
Maybe he used it as a coaster for his drink
I guess I'll never really know this
Not the point, the point is what happened that night inside the triple A
Taught me when there's a will, then there's a way
Fast forward to now, funny how life works out
The same bodyguard who stopped me is my bodyguard now
It's crazy, 'cause now these kids are coming up to me
Saying Jake, you're my hero, please take my cd
And every time that they do, it's like deja-vu
How you're doing, nice to meet you, I was just like you
It's like I'm looking in the mirror staring at my younger self
'Cause I was in your shoes, I remember how it felt
And now I'm touring the world, signing record deals
Millions of people around the globe know my name, only guess what else
Now I'm sitting court side at the heat games,
3 seats down from Lil' Wayne, pretty funny, right?
I'm living proof if you set your mind to something
There's no limits on where you can go
So this song is dedicated to the people tryina make it
From the nosebleeds to the first row