Homeboy Sandman - Brown

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Brown, brown, brown, brown.

Solid as a buff oak
Living of coconuts and some coco puff milk,
With the choke sticks sitting on the stump,
As this cold kid,
I had a sweet hard esteron the trunk.
Sad love, sad rags of some coffee
The water's in the camel humps, sustained but not the house
Easy down the dirt road,
Slick as oil does the feet beneath the soil, Earth mode
Queens beach, water reaching the shore
Ross in the... even though they call it the fog,
Call her for love, summer of love
Was stopped, everybody covered in mud

Brown (x9)

Does the camel apparel?
I'm at the grand piano, channel the farrows
My bank assis of a banjo, home guys
As a violin vi-bring as my iris,
All people want …if I can mence,
Takes no jokes on two dates, not blondes
Were not brunettes
Whatever address, the professionals
Knows that this is as good as it gets,
Yes, sue reference IX.
What about Fed Ex? Check,
… what do you get?
Yeah, you guessed,

Brown (x12)

Simple and strong, brown
Cape Con, this song.