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[Electronic music]

All I got is the sweater that you left
The letters that are caps
They spoke of how you like
When I guess you wanted next
and I held you as you went
Yeah I held you as we slept,
I held you as regret
I've been a mess since I met you,
I regret you, you can say our love is regretful
You got me, I get you
If I could I'd forget you
but I can't since I left you
I let you, if I could I'd forget you
I would be more forgetful
When it's cold outside, yeah I miss you
but we had too many issues!

In company love isn't a ring,
You with him, while you're telling me you wish it was me
You're a ??? to an ace man
I'm addicted to the ace man
And when we met, felt like we have met before
Rainy day in the streets ???
The drug in your loving got me bugging
Tryina wash it up, you'd be running like it's nothing
Baby, baby lately you've been acting hella shady
My friends tell me that you're crazy,
But it's you I'm missing daily
And it's you I'm missing tastin'
It's you I'm missing kissin'
Shawty listen, quit your bitchin'
Be my remix to 'Ignition'