Heart Attack Man - Pitch Black

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Rock bottom smile bares its rotting teeth again
Acts like there's nothing wrong and they're still my closest friend
Romanticize the fondest memories and good times
And hope that I forget the rest

Rock bottom's grinning as it's creeping up again
Dust off the depths and make me wish that I was dead again
Hold out your hand to me
Take me to a place in hell where
Having self-esteem seems selfish and unhealthy

Look up from your hand
Face to face from where I stand

Oh my god, it's all
Happening again
Promised myself I wouldn't go back
But hеre I am
Oh my god, it's all
Right in front of me
But I'm not the samе as I was then

Reclaim my independence from the past
Despite the times it tries to pull me back
Stop at nothing
Completely crush me
Feel my way through
Navigate the pitch black

It seems impossible
Out of reach
Never meant for me
Run right
Into every obstacle

Act like you're still my closest friend
Past the point to make amends
Rock bottom came and went

Oh my God, it's all
Happening again
But now my mistakes are paying dividends

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