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Album : Division street [2013]

Album : Division street [2013] album cover

Harper Simon co-produced his brand new album "Division Street" with Tom Rothrock and contains 10 tracks with folk-rock sound. We can say that Division Street is a departure for Simon: it features a sound that's much more driven by electric guitars than his alt country-flavoured debut. "The mission was to make the kind of Rock 'n' Roll record I would want to listen to myself," he said. "Which sounds simple but is, in fact, incredibly difficult." Here's the tracklist: 01 – Veterans Parade 02 – Bonnie Brae 03 – Division Street 04 – Dixie Cleopatra 05 – Eternal Questions 06 – Chinese Jade 07 – Just Like St. Teresa 08 – 99 09 – Breathe Out Love 10 – Leaves of Golden Brown

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