Guilty Simpson - Fractured feat. Fat Ray

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Break your bones when I bless the beat
Fractured, I don't care about stature
Action, like it means nothing
Street corner, and you seem something
I name the Nina she Lahe, keep drumming
Seems to me, y'all still fronting
Well back out when you front it all
So when the real shit comes along
They get allergic and break out the venue
Pain made the pen move
And when it went away, I had a lot of shit to say
Get so sharp, Hattori Hanzo
On point like Rando, more like Nike
Rappers wanna force me right
But I still go left, stump to a steel toe death
Move ‘cause the real gonna rep
Set to protect, enforce and fight
Yeah, set to protect, enforce and fight

Check, question
How many times must I give them that shit
Before I let them know that's it
This ain't no more, don't ring my score
Just know they couldn't take your bore
I get what I wanted and made it feel
While others can't remix the remix
In for 20 5 the weed hit
Guilt Simpsons, repping that d shit
Detroit motherfuckers, guns and butter
Burn the ridge, burn the for, when the witt burns rubber
Give em that certified gutter, and I mean every word I utter

Getting green share with my brothers
And I'm doing it like no other
I'm a king, break it down like this
And I'm doing it like no other

Errybody know Fat Ray gonna choke the party
Smoke like Damien Marley
But niggas get carried away, and the anvils will roll up
And niggas get carried away
It's the captain, I'm rappin' filthy
In my building, give em that fat and guilty
We burning till the gaps is empty
Niggas got whacked, we came through the back and killed them
Fago shit, pop, pop nigga
Never try doing that frado shit
I'ma stay till the yayo flip
Niggas whippin' up pints that's lame with camro mix
Niggas don't weigh no bricks, lay no hits
Can't take roll no zips, run on strip
Niggas blow dough on bitches
I give 'em assignments, make the whole go on mission
Nah I just call a duty, she don't play
Broad day, she's afraid of Uzzi
Niggas gonna disintegrate, grew up on the interstate
I was just 16, riding with that 28
Showing niggas what was so special about the 38
Walking here looking professional with a burner 8

I'm a king, break it down like this
And I'm doing it like no other
I excel then prevail
Break it down like this
And I'm doing it like no other