Guided By Voices - Excited ones

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"Excited Ones" is a new track included on band's upcoming album Crystal Nuns Cathedral set to be released Friday, March 4th 2022.

"Excited Ones" Lyrics added below:

Excited ones
They say what brings you there
They're ready to attack
You asked them when they're coming back
Excited ones, excited ones
They wish you have to [?]
And miss you when you're gone
Your mother kissing everyone the way

All for me , and all for you
All for nothing else to do.

Promise to be awake
Because we came to [?]
For something to take aboard [?]
Excited ones,
They crush you every day
With all the rules to break
And never felt to break it down
Excited ones, you squeeze them all to death
They don't have much to say
But maybe it we say one more, they'll stay

Excited ones, excited ones
Excited ones, excited ones