song by Grace Acladna
Afterlife lyrics

My whole life I've chased the cheers
But I never really caught it
Always working to survive
If you got a job I'll take one
If you haven't then I'll make one
But I've always been a stranger to money
So I got a job at driving taxi
But that's easy money
I saw so many faces
But this one day this old dame
She's looking at me strange
And then she got into the taxi and said

I need a ride to the AFTERLIFE
My trip is overdue, I've planned a rendez-vous
Don't you tell me there's no real life
Just answer yes or no because I gots to go
Can you drive me to the AFTERLIFE?
Need a ride to the AFTERLIFE

I said it sounds like this trip could wind in quite a faire
I don't even know if my side knob knows how to get there
She said I'll give you all my money I just got to see my honey
And my house, and my cars, you know it's quite desire
I have a fortune but I'll give it away
Just to see my love again
How could you argue with all the money, money, money?

So, I drove her to the AFTERLIFE
Her trip was overdue, she planned a rendez-vous
Had to sign on the dotted line, the reason's undisclosed
No one could ever know
Then I took her to the AFTERLIFE
Need a ride to the AFTERLIFE

There was a time only
And a ride home
I sent her into darkness, isn't quite the road
And left me overwhelming sense of peace
Raining down on me
Just made me realize my soul is so empty

So, I dropped her at the gate,
With the garden down away
Said you're gonna have to wait your turn, my dear
And if your driver even realize, this is assisted suicide
She'll get down for 14 years
So I told her dear lady, said that you knew all along
Promising me fortunes, knowing you would do me wrong
She said you can't lose what you never had
Said you shut your love and drive me back

So, I left her at the AFTERLIFE
She had to pay her dues, for the energy
Either way I could had make it done
The reason's underdone, I guess I'll never know
She's a fire from the AFTERLIFE, oho
We're burning every gate to the AFTERLIFE