song by FREE THROW
The fix is in lyrics

Spinning fountains in the parking lot
And everyone's ashamed
All the person that I had become
And I'm the one to blame
I let it get to this point

Breath in the air,
A [?] cloud of clarity
I can show you what's there
Even through all the haze

But pushing back or far with the [?]
It's time to ride right through the storm
Let the sun provide a torment
But it's hard to press the gas when you're like changing voluntarily
Thoughts provide [?] and you drive without sincerity
Wake, let me get the sit clear
I Think it takes self realization to understand that there are certain things I can never be obeided
But memory loss on the [?] inclination
I think we finally make sense
It's a [?] interpretation of a problem with myself
I need help