song by Fortunes
Energy lyrics

Gotta get me some of that energy, it's been running
But that coffee pot's on empty
If you want power, then you need current
Gotta get into the flow of things

Like a river fluid or a ribbon in the sky
Like a tongue that's fluent or two lovers kiss goodbye
I'll be your wall charger back against me, against here I'm not dancing
Gotta get me some of that energy

Wondering if you wanna roll with me
I could be your ball of energy
Could be your ball of energy
Come roll with me
Baby come roll with me

Gotta have you that epiphany, you've been gunning
But the bullets come up blank for me
All my gunpower couldn't spark your fire
And if it did, then would you shower me?

You could try and force it, put me out so you don't fry
Try and run that faucet, water might just come out dry
Pipes won't stay dry forever, eyes well up when we together
We can make it electricity

Charge me up,
We could be at large
Even in an outage
Power in us, walls and sockets
Docks and central locking

Couldn't keep us
Our batteries charged
Minus through plus
We energied up