song by Flee Lord, Roc Marciano
Breezin in a Porsche lyrics

Breezin in a Porsche Lyrics

[Track no 8 on the new record "Delgado", complete lyrics added here:]

The sample off key, we handing off deep
Papi need a 50 piece, [?]
Been cliquing all week, they been spending the [?]
If they buy a 9 piece, imma give them a 20
Yea the fiends make it over time
Green staying on my mind
D's on the roof tryna watch, but they going blind
Post up in the stairs, no cup, ain't a tear
On the average niggas move four doves in a year
You gon need a strong drink and an extra long mink
If you leave the wrong message, long weapons going blink
Cheek bone getting broke if you speak on the folks
Why thе prices so high, woa, the streets wanna know
This loop is so sick gonna scoop your whole bitch
I'm a hot hеaded nigga with a super cold wrist
I fought for my spot, done walked all the blocks
I was yelling from the bottom now I talk from the top

[Chorus: Flee Lord]
Used to be walking, now I breeze in a Porsche
In 2.2, but love, it's turn to a [?]
Used to be walking, now I breeze in a Porsche
In 2.2, but love, it's turn to a [?]
Yea but lovey, don't try me
Or Roc, the way he grimey
In the slums with my crimies
Pussy think he can line me
Used to be walking, now I breeze in a Porsche
I breeze in a Porsche

Call up Lord, bought the Concord
I was getting top from some blonde broad
The speed hit Mach-4
Knock your socks off
Might cop a whore to box the Porsche
[?] she got on
Asian provocateur
Ma, I don't abide by the law
To be honest might rip your pockets off your shorts (get him)
The high cost of life is the drive force
Got blinders on the horse, I'm a cyborg
From the moment that I saw tears from my eyeballs fall
All my songs is like being a fly on the wall
I'm married to the game by common law
This is a college course on how to be a solid entrepreneur
You're not mature (at all)
You're what I call an eyeball
My china doll got designer on
She buy ya boy anything I want (facts)
And there's still too many fingers up
Keep a couple guns to finger fuck
Pussy done leaking, buss
Cheeks blush