song by Fetty Wap
First day out lyrics

This one for my street n***s
Really run the streets with you
Know better to beef for you
N***a got his cheese up
Boolin' with my feet up
Cause they know I'm G'd up
Ain't nothing do the time n***a
Just know that I'm fine n***a
I know how to find N***s
Nowhere you can hide baby,
Just don't pop outside baby,
fuck around and die baby, yeah
Sitting for a fuck ni***,
I know shit disgust ni***s,
Just knock off the dust ni***, yeah
You know would've be me, all over the tv,
Free my ni*** Fizzi, yeah
Free all of my fed ni***s,
Come home get that bread ni***,
Holding up your head ni***, yeah
If you know you a king baby,
Come fuck with a team baby,
billion dollar dreams baby, yeah

[Lyrics will be soon updated.]