Evidence feat Boldy James - All of that said

All of that said by Evidence feat Boldy James Song lyrics | Music video

Lyrics of Evidence feat Boldy James - All of that said :

When I'm feeling low, I don't show em
If I ain't seem em, I pretend that I don't know em
This my life, this is no poem
It's no discussion, I owe no one
Nothing bleeding over fore I was broken
He wasn't fixed when I was paying engineers to overmix
Just wanted to stay in the studio with all the kids
Be a soldier, get a task, and then attack it
Then I start to pass it and serve the rappers in my bracket

I admit, I wasn't first in line
I took it slow, did my best through the worst of times
And I don't waste words so the verse would rhyme
I up myself and go to pray, that's why the church design
Gangstas don't dance, all they do is this
Blueberry yum yum in Amsterdam like Ludacris
I'm the type to smoke, not the type to drink
Took the day to write and use the night to think.

(All of that said)

Turn the system up, I'm all in the red,
Maybe everything is all in my head.

[Boldy verse:]
I dare a n***a on my son to try to knight the King,
I bet he wake up in the scope of a sniper's dream
I roll the dope up by the bean, mixed the Sprite and lean