Ethan Burns - Homeward

Homeward by Ethan Burns Song lyrics | Music video

Tell me the truth
Don't just wait when you're gone
Well I can't believe
I'm coming back to you
Oh, can't
I'm coming home
I'm coming back to your love
I know you can be so cruel
Darling I know it's the truth
For anything

Well, tell me darling
Will I have some loving home? Gone?
Where you can feel if you try
I can't keep you satisfied, no
I'm coming home, you're alone
Coming home, to your love
Can't believe the truth
All I need, you and your love

Tell me where has all the feelings gone?
Well I want, and I wait
And I told you baby
Come along
Well I'm coming home to you, your love
Ooh oh oh
Well, I can't believe you're coming home
To me