Esther Rose - Ketamine

Ketamine by Esther Rose Song lyrics | Music video

I'll try ketamine
I'll try benzodiazepine
I'll try therapy
And I'll do a deep clean
Hard to believe that
Three words can feel so mean
Can feel like a sentencing
Feel like a sentencing

I have this picture in my head
It's the end of a long day and we get undressed
We lay down on your California king
Start talking bout everything
We're lying there close
And then we're laughing and then we're kissing
And I don't need to flip a switch
No, I don't need anything
Just lay there breathing
Feel my heart beating
And you look so sweet
When your eyes get a little sleepy

I love you completely
I love you completely

[Guitars break]

People say
"Do the work"
But it takes so long to know what hurts
What used to work no longer hits
and it's been so long I've been carrying this.

I'm getting carried away
So I put my words down on the page
Hand to god, have a nice day
Hallelujah baby, happy birthday
It'll all make sense someday
It'll all make sense someday