song by Eric Bellinger
Rihanna feat K2 lyrics

I said oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
I said oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
Oooh oh
Oh yeah

Tell me what I do this somebody
Tell what I do this one drink away from being closin
Came in like I'm feeling ruthless
Maybe 'cause I'm faded
I don't see it like I got ??
I told her we can go and see Rihanna
You know them hoes love Rihanna
Said we can go and see Rihanna
I be talking my shit, oh yeah

She walked in with a blanket
She took it off and she was naked
I took a picture to remember, she made me
Promise not to say this
But we forget it when she faded
She even posted 'Let me take it'
You know she turning into Rihanna
I let her fake it 'till she made it
See, I'm in no position to keep a pretty girl from wishing
I already know she on a mission
She gave me a show with no admition
All it is for five words,
And then in
All it is for five words
And then in

We can go and see Rihanna,
Voila voila voila
She ready to go, turnt up yeah
You know them hoes love Rihanna
Yes, they do

Oh, yeah I met her at this party
My bro was doin' the party
So you know homie had the coffee
He point her said, that's on loose
The thing is homie I'm not work
I said shawty what's you're doing right there?
Lookin at the floor so I can knee you right now
Came in alive, see the booty right now
I don't need a name but it's G right now
Don't be looking for a ring though
'Cause jewelry makes you complicated
Ok, I'm for the shit
Constantly paid it, no I'm nt wasted
I'm kind of feed it