song by Emilio Rojas
Spite lyrics

Young Venezuelan,
First generation
Mami a New Yorker
My papi emigrated
I'm known by survival dog, I'm not intimidated
I don't bite on anybody, I ain't kneeling when I'm praying, not
Hunger pains can be stressin' ace
So I cut some people off to get my blessings space
How you can get an answer when you're question' faith?
From now on I'm being petty, I'm gon' mention names
I've seen the Louvre, I've seen the City Opera
I've been drivin' through the jungles, I've wept through Caracas
I paid the bribe to get my watches back from dirty coppers
In the Venezuelas slurs the Policia run around with dirty choppers
I fuck with Hugo Chaves, we don't fuck with Hugo Boss
Run around and join them once 'cause I'm too hurt for Louboutins
I don't get attached, nah, I'm too good at moving on
I don't trust a soul, man, I pull up with a condom on
I see my homies get caught up with different vices,
You a vic
Come to my hood and we couch you with different prices, right?
I've got angels and demons inside my click
And I can fuck your dream girl and treat her like my side sit
I'm a little Drake, a little P
I'ma find your allstars and TDA [?]
I stand my ground now, never run
If I started, I'ma finish it
Get it done! Yeah. I said I'll get it done
Get it with no help at all
Yeah, I'm almost star on that flight up to L.A.
Give them fuckin' call
All of ya keep calling me fan but when I'll fuck with y'all
I won't let you suck me dry
You can suck my fuckin' balls
Nothing preventing me from living up
Yeah, I cheated death like I was cheating on your women
Yeah, every breath I take reminding me being here privileged
When I say I want that for, I don't mean [?]
I got bitches, I ain't flexin'
Business is sending weed package er'day
I ain't even smoking cause they're hopin' I'm a wrap their brand
Homies doing time for pieces where they'll neve get the seconds back
I did came up different
Where I am you won respect [?]
All these kids out on Instagram letting their weapons bang
But I'm not the type to see that bullshit and begin to thank
I've been swimming with them sharks
You're just surfing every wave
Hoes in my section, but I'm texting when they're sipping
'Cause I'm focused on that money that I'm getting by my business
I'm carefull with my brand and with my time
And how I invest, so you ain't talking bout entrance rates
And I ain't got no interest, no

[?] and I've got dough to make
I need another car, I'm tryina fucking own a motor cape
Listen, I've got SUV I've got product I've got golden chains
I've got 30000 dollars Worth the taxes
Who's on my shoulder blade?
And I pull up in a rocket, and I'm like royalty
You're looking at my bank account, I'm looking at your loyalty
Cause now I need them fearing me
Fuck them if they're respecting me
I don't give a damn bout one check, no, I want equity
And pretty women backed their eyes blown
They're never satisfied
I just want a bag that I can give my kids when daddy dies
Nowadays I lie awake at night and I just strategize
How you gonna manage money? You can even manage time.