song by EMA
3Jane lyrics

I can't believe all they say
It doesn't seem like it was only yesterday
When you wondered, I run
Super highway

There should be a love
When they can't take pity of you
Of you, of you, of you, of you

Feel like I glued my soul out across the inter-webs and screamed
A silver, watched them gleam

It left a hole so big inside of me
And I get terrified that I will never get you back to me
To me, to me, to me
I guess it's just a modern deficit

I can't stress out and I just, I WANNA GET HIGH
It's 'cause I seen my face and I
I don't recognize the person that I feel inside, inside

Give American super power
Turn on the spotlight that nobody covers
I don't want to sell you anything

I don't want to put myself up and turn it into a refrain, refrain
Refrain, refrain, refrain
It's all just a big APPETIZER CAMPAIGN

Everybody's looking at some poster of 3JANE
I guess this is just a modern deficit