song by Elzhi
Pressure lyrics

Dealing with the pressure I wish it was lesser
I'm just speaking from my mind, don't mean to DEPRESS you
That'll make you grab the Glock from off your dresser
I know I gotta give, I just need me an investor
The ropes to get my back up off the ropes like a wrestler
Might have been on the scene with a dean and a PROFESSOR
Only if getting green by any means, what's the lecture?
I know mad kids who went to school, LEARNED something extra
Came home, can't find a job, broke, back up on Dexter
I'm sick of swallowing my pride 'cause I don't like the texture
Niggas pushing whips still look 20 times FRESHER
This life will give you lessons, you think it wouldn't test you?
That's moving word, I thought I'm moving birds like Sylvester
Putty cat, I could be that 'cause I can't live the rest of
My life around Chester, HOMELESS GUY Lester
Good rad window, dope fiend testing, yo