song by ELHAE
End of Time (Angels) lyrics

[Prod. By Rascal]

I don't know what you're feeling now
Maybe you don't even feel
If the Heaven's so far away from hell
Then why does it feel near?

I believe in Angels,
Same way I believe in you, oh
You say you don't have wings,
Well I say you do, yeah
Running around, running around thinking about you
Oh yeah yeah

In this life,
You got me saying ooh oooh oh yeah
Ooh oooh oh yeah

She said that I'm Hollywood, I'd probably could
Show her something different then no niggas could
I'd be on a mission, I'm just tryina live
Stay the same, and keep the frame right
Rip the benefits, you know how I be
You know how it is.
You couldn't see the ring, I know you love kids
Let's take a vacation baby, let's fall off the grid
Index on my lips, while I'm gripping your hips
She say I love you the best, I said I love you the same
While I'm loving her body, she said baby, don't change!
It's a different type of feeling when she love you and you feel it
Especially when you never felt it, right that person in your past
You start to wonder could this last? Or will it end up like your last?
Emotions' made of glass, and they could shatter any moment
As long as you know I'm not your pony, just keep it going
You know it would be okay, I'm just holding on you, you you you

In this life,
Ooh oh oh
End of time