Eldridge Rodriguez - Big Dead Heart

Big Dead Heart by Eldridge Rodriguez Song lyrics

Was the tricks of the dark
Were here as really kicking
Of sparks as blue like heaven
White against bloodsheds blindly stand

Was the first time eravist
By the second deed you acting first
You're fighting a life of crime,
When no one is, spare!

Big dead heart, what did I get here?
At times you take a loss
Before everyone's doing you out
And it's time to look around
And I hate to your ???
They came under the skin
Only chest passes lets them in
It's a hate of kind of way
It's in a ghost

It's gone into my eyes
Because it's just a little heart attack

Oh, what goes push to shove
You can't even be your birth
I believe and the need, look around
You've fallen out of your dress
Some other people you just won't impress
I'm not a warlord, we're here, so be strong

Make it come from the heart
Big dead heart
Make it come from the heart
Big dead heart
I'm not asking you to

[instrumental break]

All this time I was saving you
Couldn't you see I was saving you?
All of this could you need to pleasure you
The damage is done, we'll see it through
??? and I pull it apart
So change but still you find some strength
So it happens again and again and again
And again
??? you gotta kick it high
Then it shows