Eightfold Path - RITUALZ

RITUALZ by Eightfold Path Song lyrics | Music video

I won't fall for your judgements
I can't let my fire die
I won't have momentary relief
For two seconds of peace of mind
You drag what you bleed,
Vessel raider
Propaganda seeds
Infectious fucking leech.
Nightmares; false affirmations
Nightmares; false affirmations

I will not be lead astray
I can't hold on to your dream
I won't be held back
Just to please you and your fucking rule
Unable to pursue
Your own dream in solitude
In its harsh wake
You fucked everyone you knew

You lived for your dream
And now you die for your dream

So many years of my life wasted away
A call to my past for ritual strength
It was only a matter of time
But now your time is mine