COTIS - Up and Away

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(Official music video - directed by Zia Kalyan)

I'm living in a small world
Where being normal ain't normal Taken till we got plenty thank god Forgot about my morals
Becoming numb to the hurt
All the love I got board of
Young legend lost in the making Sometimes I think I'm immoral
So I drink till I throw up
Cause nobody gon stop me
As long as I blow up,
My problems won't haunt me
Lost up in my own world
No I never felt normal
Had to put myself first
Cause nobody else was gonna
Young legend lost in the making Sacrifices turn into sorrow
She fell in love with danger
I fell in love with the bottle
Oh girl you're such a sweet angel
I wish I could love you
There's a price I'm paying,
For this road that I'm walking through
My bro hit my phone like damn
Said he trying to keep his head low
But he don't really like where he at
Tell me all about back home
What's been going on with the friends
Told him soak it up while he can
You ain't gunna wanna go back
1k28 that's the gang
Phone light up for the fans, yeah
Smokin on the roof tryna plan
What we gonna do with the world in my hand Felt good when the bag came in
But I could never pay it all back
Promise I was really down bad
When the day ones had my back
Left on a red eye came back on a jet

Left with some red eyes so blem
Gotta stay high when you going so fast
When the sun rise comes up so quick
Feeling proud cause I ain't slept yet
Told you I'ma sleep when I'm dead (yeah)
Something in my head tells me stay awake
Something in my heart tells me go to bed
You've got a long day tomorrow
Wake your ass up
Guess your working this is what you asked for
Think of all who's counting on you
Got they hopes up
All alone and they will never know who COTIS really is The question now know what the answer is
All I know I've got a lot to learn
You already know I've got a lot to give
Young legend in the making
Nothing gonna be the same when I go and let it say drop (drop) And my heart can't take more pain, wonder when it's gonna stop If it ever will
Back home I got two hoes
One hates me, ones still in love (yeah)
Dive in head first, no I don't fear the outcome That boy's a problem
Cause I threw all my fucks away
She wanna ride up on top (now)
Now that i'm getting paid
But that shit don't come here with luck (no) Send me up up and away
Never been one to be boxed in
I'ma just do it my way
I'll be okay, yeah, I promise
(No, no, ooh)