Cloudbelly - If You Want

If You Want by Cloudbelly Song lyrics | Music video

Shit, I did it again
Left you closing the cabinet
Breathing your shallow breaths
Count on me to come find you

Now, I want to you give you chance
to say what you want to me
Love or antipathy
Crimson or curdle duck creezy

Why would you go dark again?
You know what happens by now
When you do that
Leaving me hurt sick and curdle the cabinets
You're drunk on the glamour and glimmer some acrobat with me

If you want comfort that doesn't go cold
You gotta give it up all that shiny stars
It was never the good we were told it was

[Guitars break]

Candles glittering out
In the shadows between us
Tall as the palace is
History's fixed
What is making out even [?]
[?] between us is all made up
Whispering secrets to you,
Telling it to your [?]
Here in the dark is my ear pressed against the rhythm
Breathing quiet until the strings starts humming with you

Cloudbelly - If You Want Single release:

If you want me to breath in your love
You gotta settle down the fix you think you found
Gotta stop and [?] round.