song by Chris Miles
To my old self lyrics

Baby boy, where you've been?
It's been a while since I've seen your face
When I look in the mirror it's like
Baby boy, I miss you bad
The way that you never got attached
Missed the cold heart, never showed love to no one
Where you've been at?

We could ride around town in your Range Rove
But the old me would've probably played it slow
Why'd you have to run and go from me?
When all you ever got was love from me?
I, I, I fall for you 'cause there's nothing I won't do
for you to not forget bout me
I promise
Can you just remember me, my darling?
Tonight love me the same way,
Till it fucks up your brain ways
I promise
Can you just remember me, my darling tonight?

Baby boy

[Vocal outro]