song by Chris Echols
Wanna Love You lyrics

(Give me the chance)

I wanna love like nobody can't do
I'll give you all of me, take my heart and my hands, too
I see that you've been through,
But never let it break you
Now that you need me to
But girl I wanna save you
Make you feel brand new
Do like the drug do
Show you a better life
And a place where you find truth
Do the things you couldn't do
I know what you came to
And trick your mind, too
I just wanna keep you
Never ever let you go away
Keep a smile upon your pretty face
Make you ???
Keep them messy bitches on suspense
Know they only tryina separate us
From the bullshit we gon' fade away
Disappear, and let them haters hate
Like they paid to watch us never take
Never treat you like a go-away
Like a devil, never lead it straight
Oh, I just want to take the pain away!
Give you what you need and over everything
Keep her with me for a couple days
Keep her mind, don't let them infiltrate
Let me love you on different ways
I got a million ways I wanna penetrate
So, let me love you
Let me love you
Love you
Give me a chance
Wanna be your man