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Album : Year of the Caprese [2014]

Album : Year of the Caprese [2014] album cover

Year of the Caprese is Cherub's latest album released May 27th via Columbia Records, which founds Jason Huber and Jordan Kelley in a great shape. The boys have undoubtably hit their musical stride and perfected the disco/funk/pop sound they have been crafting for the better part of four years and from front to back the album is full of radio hits and deep cuts alike.
Year of the Caprese album track listing:
01 Simple
02 Disco Shit
03 Work the Middle
04 Freaky Me, Freaky You
05 This Song Is For You
06 Doses & Mimosas
07 <3
08 Strip To This
09 Do the Math
10 Lifesaver
11 Tonight
12 Chocolate Strawberries

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