Charmingly Ghetto - School Daze

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feat. Brionne Wright

I'm screaming loud but obviously not clear
Cause these words I keep on throwing out
Are falling on their fears
I love though we had our quarks
And things were just so good at first
I wanted it to work
Oh, we used to have elations, used to have flirtation
Now argumentation's the only form of conversation
We losing patience, shouted so much frustration
These relations stole my orations

I'm at a loss for words, I've said all that I can say
I'm at a loss for words, I've said all that I can say
I'm at a loss for words, I don't know what I can say
I'm at a loss for words and I don't know what to say

Just listen baby
The break down was on me
That's what the text, email and the chat joined read
Know I love you instead, it wasn't worse from the jump
It wasn't worse that we needed girl, it was worse that we wanted
I'm off this and I gave you the chills
There was a reason we bail but I can't kneel on my knees
Although I would with speed if my heart didn't bleed
And the world didn't watch and see it all means a lot,
And I ain't humble enough to just be giving you props
You deserve it
Word is permanent, you taught me a lot
You were the reason I smiled, same as the reason I frowned
Made my strength rise, be the reason I fell, be your voice
Leave me no choice but to love you forever
Maybe one day I'll save face and get it together
If I had it together then maybe we have forever
See, I said that already and I ain't going back, no

I'm at a loss for words, I've said all that I can say
I'm at a loss for words, I've said all that I can say

Feel like I should, even feel like I could
For the best, even less yeah, I feel like I'm good
But I'm not, my heart's cold and my vision is blurred
Every night these bare goggles just be messing me up
And she might think that I'm nuts, I devoured the ball at the bar
Was there for hours to empower my soul
Trying to find strength in another woman's touch
Crazy I resorted to it, I think I become lazy
But this here, now, if really be what I'm on
Word is gonna, word is gone, no matter, let's get it on
Let them speak, they didn't create it
Baby, I'll be your ??
We can skip dating and get right to the relations
Hey yo, take a vacation on a shore, on a coast
A toast to life, we admire this the most
I know, I'm probably the same if I'm excited
What if I said my love was unrequited?