Charlie Horse - Deep Water

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I was cut from wound when the stanley night
Run all over town with a porcher's wife
Now, I'm home on the couch with a fag in my mouth
Just like a good boy should

Have you ever seen such a thing in your life?
I don't give a shit, I'm at the Moon and back
I already killed someone for the porcher's wife
Just like a good girl should

I head on the back ?? you said
I listen to your lives, I'm your musical friend
I cut my hair just like you said
I wish you were dead when you held my head

Now I'm in deep water
Now, I'm under the sea
We barely went on the yesterday ??
There ain't no rescue at need
Now we're in a deep water
Now we're lost to the sea
I'm thinking a bad detour, and on to the next
There ain't no saving need