Cast of HSMTMTS - Shallow Lake

Shallow Lake by Cast of HSMTMTS Song lyrics | Music video

[Music from HSMTMTS – season 3]

Welcome to the Shallow Lake of your dreams
Where the days are full & nights are serene
On the way back to your yurts, don't forget the Lake is dirt
If you fall in, no one will hear you scream (Aah)

At Shallow Lake, at Shallow Lake
We dive right into every friendship that we make
At Shallow Lake, at Shallow Lake
Each year we come from near and far
To sing our hearts out in a barn
The stars of Shallow Lake.

1, 2, 3
At Shallow Lake (there is no lake)
At Shallow Lake (it's all a fake)
When ya eat the tacos, that's your first mistake
(Big mistake)
At Shallow Lake (Shallow Lake), at Shallow Lake
Don't go too far into the woods
or you'll be gone for good.
Under the stars of Shallow Lake (Shallow Lake)

Shallow Lake
Shallow Lake
Shallow Lake.