Cadenza x Fem Fel - Electric Blocks

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Should shut up, the people that sort of come to be
Usually disguised as someone trying to look true to me
Working a lot, that man get true of me
Watch the substance full of me, that's the cure
Later the time nobody heard of ??? tumble weed
Nobody served us
The world was, I had money,
Till I had my big sis ask me where her purse was

Time to get me a risk, they playing us
All of my main men on a guest list
Obsessed with, spend what they feel on neglected
On some neck shit
Shout out to the gal that I said I shouldn't have dream
Shout out to the people that gotten into a team
Yeah, look what we could have been
Grind blinded with songs, with nothing for them to see

Shout out to gal that said she wouldn't cheat
Turns out it was just someone you used to be
Calling me the creep word, is you looking for somebody
I used to be late with a gun ???
Catch this, catch this
Dumb bitch had me playing detective