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Album : Out of Touch LP [2015]

Album : Out of Touch LP [2015] album cover

The ten-track LP from Brooklyn producer Brothertiger aka John Jagos is released on December 4th. It's his third full-length album, that sets out to "create an auditory journey through a metaphorical jungle of emotional states-from tribulation, despair and fatigue to serenity, joy and tranquility."
Album's cover art was actually borrowed from an early-80s painting by his father
Produced by John Jagos and Jon Markson, the album's track listing as follows:
01. Beyond the Infinite
02. Wake
03. Fall Apart
04. Out of Touch
05. Engulfed
06. Jungle Floor
07. High Tide
08. Grenada
09. Upon Viridian Waterways
10. Drift

1. Beyond the infinite lyrics
2. Fall Apart lyrics
3. Wake lyrics

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