song by Broken Water
High-Lo lyrics

Am I right or am I wrong?
All I know is I do not know
Am I right and can we go
Maybe with some love make me think of those

Am I high, are you low?
All I know is I do not know
Take some pills and walk away
Pass the time tomorrow waits
What is right, ‘cause there are wrong
All I know is I do not know
Should I stay or should I go?
It doesn't matter what they say
Life's nothing with the kids
I'll keep you in this world
Even if you hold your things
I'll stop them down the road
We can rest up ego, ???
You know I'm not up for riches
That stir from the soil

Is this hope, I just don't know
Hide your thoughts and we go unknown
Stop the pain that's inside my head
Finding ways so I can take
High, low, I like, it's only right
I do, you want to go
All I know is to turn off low
Should I stay or let it go?
Or if I catch a ghost I can let it go
Life, no life, life, alive
Found me life