song by Brian Ennals
Newport Music lyrics

Max B took an L cause his lawyer wasn't competent,
I'm on force?? he's about to lose consciousness
It's getting to dark,
They guess their magic eight balls ?? bull shark
I put it all on the metro piece,
My life? Smoke weed, took off in this metro beast
She's cruel, but she's with it!
So I took her for a ride out
To Paradise City, with the Guns 'N Roses
And I'm like Axl
She depressed? Give her a pretzel!
Body's a temple, pray in the chapel
Psychic is the answer
Made her a cashier, my niggers broke
But I got haters and enemies
Nobody dies, is a change in the energies
Where cats pour liquor and memory
You ain't worth a shit
But two shots of ??
I'm like the ?? footsteps in the dark
And my flow made a light just like Johnny Stark Star
I'm on it African queen
But she like ??
We buffer a lot of green but I smoke a ??

The smoke goes high on my window
I'm thinking 'bout my niggers in the claim
And it shortly shows wise in the temple
I'm thinking ??

My bee stay puf and la la la
My brother stay puf and la la la
My cousin G got nothing on that '45
And I ain't ?? I'm kinda high...