BoyGenius - Black Hole

Black Hole by BoyGenius Song lyrics | Music video

Black Hole is the band's first listen from the album titled "the rest". The new project was released October 13, 2023 via Interscope. It's a four-track EP that also includes Black Hole, a track which the band debuted during their concert in Boston on September 25th. Black Hole Song Lyrics added here.

[Verse 1: Julien Baker]
In a rainstorm
Suckin' down a dart
On the back porch
Out here it gets so dark
You can see the stars, the ones
The headlines said this morning
Were being spat out
By what we thought was just
Destroyin' everything for good

[Verse 2: Lucy Dacus & Phoebe Bridgers]
White teeth, black light
White tea, brown eyes
Black hole, big fight
You're a good guy
Good day, goodnight
Good talk, goodbye
It's out of your hands, but
Have a safe flight
My thoughts, all noise
Face my decoys
Sometimes I need
To hear your voice