song by BOOTS
Bombs away lyrics

Save it for the next one
Let them know that my temper was cold son
And tell them everything you know
I'm making up the weather, imagining the snow
Tell them there's no truth behind the panic
That is cotton cheeks you full to make you have it
This carcass floats to say, I'm drowning hard to be sane
Taking shots to wear pain, ah
I met a fire who could tame chance
It's a black hole for a rain dance
A black hole for your romance
I must not resonate, we tessellate our finance
Tell them that the reverie is ever run
That is safer ‘cause they're listening to everything
That there ain't Vietnam today
Tell them bombs away!
Bombs away

When I made it
You turn to broken glass
Hurricane in

The fire catch you go all over me
Worldwide flick my clip I'll blow globally
It's a fear base straight too far
I must sell you a rental car
I'm not who you are
They done sold my rolling stone
Trust to rake you up
How do you do?
Yes it's still or be still
Wish you cover your eyes
Stay by morning
I'ma show you around
Round Sally Louis
Chase there and my pal you could lose
It's in my blood, in time we just lose

When I made it
You turn to broken glass
All the wars are finished
Hide the rich and shameless
Thirsty like an ???
Open for the tragic
Tell me down in history
No one has a new dreams
Watch for lies can stay
Took into the place we've seen
I say bombs away
Bombs away
I tell you bombs away