song by Blush
It's Crazy feat. Jay Sean lyrics

You say one thing, then do another
You can be the sweetest thing, then you gotta
But I don't understand you,
Baby, I don't understand you!
One day you tell me that you love me,
then you take it back
I tell you're my everything, you never say it back
I swear I'm tryina understand you
But I can't understand you

[Jay Sean: ]
Baby, hold up
It ain't gotta be over
Let's take a moment and talk about what you brought up
Since when the love is a one-way street?!
You're doing the same to me, baby
Never know what's going on in your mind
You turn around and tell me that everything's fine
That's a lie, and all that I'm asking
Is for you to keep it 'round in me!